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First 24 Hours of Google Glass

This was originally posted on May 2nd on Medium

Last week I got an email from Google informing me that I would be one of the first people to get Google Glass.

I had been anticipating this moment for years. We started hearing rumors of Google Glass a few years ago, but it wasn’t until last May, atGoogle I/O, that we saw people wearing them. And we all saw Sergey Brin sitting on the subway five months ago. They were being spotted in bars and around NYC and SF with greater frequency. Finally the day had come when I would get to bring

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mine home.

I had the opportunity to play with a pair at a Google event in February. But I was really curious about what it would be like to actually have them on my face out in the wild: on subway rides, first dates, at the office, and spy mobile phone in bars.

This post isn’t about the metaphorical discussions around Glass and its impact on the future, however interesting those debates might be. I also want to avoid giving my insights, at least yet. It’s just about wearing Glass. Here’s a recap of my first 24 hours of wearing Glass (sports and sleeping not included).

Holy Shit, Today is the Day

At 3pm on April 25, Dustin (my plus-one) and I headed over to the 8th floor of Chelsea Market — a gorgeous, sun-filled loft. It felt nothing like previous Google events I’d attended, which were crowded but modest. Two young, friendly Glass-wearers took our IDs and showed us inside.

We were escorted into a beautiful lofted space, with windows and mirrors everywhere.

After Marina, our Glass Guide, greeted us, we sat down to get set up. We accepted free champagne because nothing says day drinking like momentous and historical advances in personal computing. Then she took us over to a wall to try on all the different color options that Glass is available in (teal, orange, shale, charcoal and white).

These days, so much emphasis is placed on the unboxing experience, and this one certainly did not disappoint.

Setup is painless. I downloaded the Android app, synced the Glass and my Android phone together, and was ready to go. My first text message, to my colleague Amanda, said, “hi from the glasses.”

I know, not very creative. But cmonnn. I was able to text Amanda simply by speaking a few words. And the amazing thing

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is — it worked. No fussing, no fucking up. It sent her what I wanted to say, and then Glass faded into my periphery.

After another glass of champagne, it was time to go out into the wild.

Stop #1 — The Office

We work in an amazing office with some great companies: Branch,Medium, Abacus, and ThinkUp.

They all knew what Google Glass was, but most have never seen it, so everyone immediately everyone gathered around. I passed them around so everyone could give them a try.

This was fun, but the day was over, and it was time

to head back out into the world.

Stop #2 — The Subway

We hopped on the L train into Williamsburg. We were a group of four, two of whom were wearing Glass. So we got a lot of curious looks and stares, but no questions or interactions.

Walking the streets of New York was much more interesting. One guy almost tripped over the sidewalk doing a double/triple/quadruple take of us. It was hard not to laugh.

Some hipster girl on a bike yelled “FUCK YOU AND YOUR GOOGLE GLASS!”


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a picture.

Stop #3 — Meatball Shop

We walked into the Meatball Shop and put our names down for a table. After we sat down, the waitress asked what was on our faces. When we explained what it http://essayonline-club.com/ was — a computer, but for your face — she said, “Weird,” and walked away.

The conversation was a total dud. I realized that explaining this thing to people who have never heard of it was going to be a process.

Stop #4 — Brooklyn Bowl

We went to a concert of Killer Mike and Big Boi that night at Brooklyn Bowl. Inside the venue people were looking but not really saying anything.

The moment the music started was one of Glass’s finest moments. I recorded 720p videos of song clips and the entire rendition of ”The Whole World,” and captured photos — and I didn’t have to take my phone out once. Although you do have to try and keep your head still, the content I captured

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was beautiful, and the sound and video quality are ridiculous.

The next stop was One Stop Beer Shop, my local bar. The first bartender, Michelle, said, “You are an idiot, what are you doing with that on your face?”

The other bartender, Claire, said “OMG!!! You have those!!! Wowwww!”

A couple of other regulars were curious, and we chat about it until around 1am.

Stop #5 — Prospective Office Space, Chinatown

We are looking for new office space, so a few of us went to check one out in Chinatown.

I had never been to this building before, so when I got off the subway I asked Glass to take me to the address.

Navigating with Glass is

unreal. A Google maps navigation comes up on the screen, showing where you are and where to go. As you walk, it updates in your eye, so you only have to glance at it occasionally to see where you are going.

Again, it just worked. I believe I had to speak the address twice for it to get it right. But it got me right to the door from the subway with no fuss. The direction of the arrow was correct for the direction in which I was walking, and I made it there without running into any piles of garbage or old fish.

Not everyone in the company could come to check out the space, and as a result, I took some photos and video with my Glass and shared them then and there to all of my colleagues via Google+. After watching the video, they felt they didn’t need to go see the space themselves.

The cool part about shooting video with Glass is that wherever you look, you are filming. You don’t really need to think about where the camera is, as it’s just your field of view.

You can activate it by asking Glass to “record a video” or “take a picture,” or you can click a shortcut button on the top of the device to do either. I find myself using both ways, but definitely the button shortcut more.

Stop #6 — Red Egg

After checking out the office, we stopped at Red Egg for some dim sum.

We sat down, ordered food, and finished our lunch. Nobody really noticed or said anything, but Glass was on the whole time.

Then one of the waitresses came over.

“What is that?”

“Google Glass.”

“Shes like is it a microcomputer on your head?”

“Yeah exactly… Do you want to try it?”

“Can I?”

“Yeah sit down and we will show you.”

We played the video we took of the office space and had her place it on her head. And all she had to say was:


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How I Landed my Job at Grand St.

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hacks things and practices open sourcery. Engineer.

jsTar: A Hack for the gTar and Other MIDI Controllers


Some words about audiovisuals and stuff

While I was in college back in 2010, I attended an event put on by Robert Henke, one of the developers of Ableton Live, and Tarik Barri, creator of the powerful Versum audiovisual cell phone tracker and spy software composition software, to view their collaborative piece called Monolake. The exhibition (or I guess you could call it a concert) involved spacial sound design (think surround sound audio) paired with visual representation of the soundscape Henke created, projected on all sides of the studio we were in. The environment created made it feel as if one was drifting through an environment governed by school writing paper sound. I had seen visualizers before, but it definitely did make me recognize and admire the almost jazz-like freeform factor of audio visualization in live concert.

While you definitely can’t play with your visuals as fast and loose as Coltrane on a trumpet, it does allow for considerable improvisation, making each experience unique and content writers different from the next. Most large concerts rely on lights and interesting visuals that have for the most part been pre-rendered (Deadmau5 comes to mind), but no one I’ve seen (aside from Robert Henke) is touring or has toured with someone who visualizes their audio on-the-fly (feel free to point some out, though!). I feel like a lot of people think the buck stops at programs like XBMC or iTunes, where you can “visualize” your music library, but it’s actually fairly easy to stream audio or MIDI into

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a visualizer using the right programs or language.

The first visualizers were made for DOS, so the idea is neither new nor difficult on early PCs, but these basic visualizers like MilkDrop or Cthugha didn’t allow for the human element or entropy that made the visualization of music as orchestrated as it was in Monolake. More recently artists have been using programs like MaxMSP with Processing and Ableton (Which are the tools Barri and Henke incorporated) to produce both

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sound and audio together, and other end of the spectrum you have guys like Dr. Bleep creating hardware dedicated to audiovisual synthesis. Seeing it in everyday concerts, though? I still believe it’s a ways off from being labeled anything other than “experimental”.

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The Imp Cube Hack

Earlier last week, Dustin and I put together a neat little Twitter contest and gave away some Electric Imps and Rainbow Cubes. When a few lucky people hit certain multiples (64, 128, 256, and 512) with tweets including the hashtag ‘#ImpCube’. Whenever someone tweeted this, we would use the Imp to tell a Rainbow Cube in our office to light up a single LED in the cube – after 64 tweets, it would put on a little light show and then reset itself. The contest was fun (and distracting) to watch here at the office and was surprisingly easy to strap together using the Imp (which is programmed using Squirrel) and the RainbowCube (which runs on on Arduino – specifically the Rainbowduino). Continue reading

hacks things and practices open sourcery. Engineer.

Using Arduino with the HexBright

For the past week, I’ve been tinkering and fiddling about with the HexBright and learning how it runs; surprisingly, there wasn’t much for me to do thanks to some of the HexBright team’s fantastic backers. Notably, David Hilton and Pter Tesarik have supplied a great tutorial and set of code to get you started programming the HexBright yourself. The code repository contains instructions,

an overview for setting up the Arduino IDE, along with the CP210x driver (found

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here) and several projects to get you started. The HexBright library that they have assembled has many functions

still in the works, like things that simplify the math (lotsa dot functions to measure xyz

acceleration!), but with a little know-how you can append the library to your needs. Big ups to Dave and Petr!


hacks things and practices open sourcery. Engineer.

Building mPrints with the mPrinter

For our most recent product, I slapped together a neat little project using

some of the OAuth code that was provided by the mPrinter team. You can easily put together this code on

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your own as a good way to get comfortable with OAuth. I feel like the immediate go-to

API example is always Twitter,

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but it’s a very robust and well documented API (and the first to really do OAuth), so heck, let’s use it. While my code can also be found on my Github, this post will give you a bit of an idea about what’s going on in the code that I set up, and before diving in, we’ll briefly go over how the mPrinter works in its current iteration.

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Building Robots with Multiplo

This was originally posted order essay to Grand St. on May 28, 2013

Tablets, phones, and PCs are being introduced to kids at a very young age whether at home or in school. A friend of mine’s toddler phone spy software mumbai even has “play time” several times a week in her kindergarten class which simply involves an hour of iPad use (don’t worry, they still have outdoor recess for those that I’ve now terrified). This is not a bad thing, tablets can be fantastic learning aids and a spy phone calls free great way to entertain your kids during a car trip and other mundane activities for children. You can browse wikipedia or reddit for hours and can come away with new knowledge on a given subject or just as easily as you can find pictures of cats for your folder titled ‘LOL’.

With this new prevalence of mobile and PC technology in the classroom, schools across the spectrum from the most

well-off to the deeply impoverished (thanks to the beautiful efforts of groups like the Edubuntu team and the OLPC Project), are able to provide kids with the ability to learn about the code and software that drives the tech they have been using for most of their lives. In fact, here in New York several high schools dedicated to learning computer science have begun to open their doors this year.

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MindWave Mobile

This was originally posted to Grand St. on March 18, 2013.

I originally got the second generation MindWave during my sophomore year of college in order to do two things: first, make pretty fractals with my brainwaves and second, prove the point that you don’t need to drop upwards of 200 dollars to collect meaningful neural feedback. I ended up doing both and here’s what happened.

Thought as Data
People very rarely consider that “thought” can be collected and measured. I think a lot of people assume an EEG is some sort of

mystical device, where if you think about a chair, it will do some heavy math, maybe run some special algorithms, and slowly scribble “chair” out onto the big dot matrix printer spool that all cognitive scientists use. Sadly this is not (yet) the case.

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