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Fire, Water, Power: A Chat with the PowerPot Team


This week, we bring you the team at Power Practical, makers of the PowerPot. The PowerPot (available for $129 on Grand St.) is a thermoelectric mini-generator embedded in a camping mess kit that converts heat from an open flame into enough power to charge any 1amp USB device.

Did the idea for the PowerPot come to you while you were sitting around the campfire? Give us a quick glimpse of how the idea came about and then evolved.

Yes, the idea originated on a camping trip. Someone brought along some USB speakers and someone else brought along a guitar. After a while, the music from the guitar stopped and we needed power to run the USB speakers. This is when David and Paul, both material science engineers, write my essay w came up with the idea to power the speakers using the fire. spy phone app This was the genesis of the PowerPot idea.


Testing PowerPot prototypes must’ve involved a fair amount of dealing with fire. Any funny stories of tests gone awry?

Not really, mostly it involved watching pots boil. Paul and David are Eagle Scouts, so they are pretty good with fire. We have lots of blooper videos of Powerpots tipping over and Paul saying crazy stuff, but we pretty much had to force ourselves to destroy some pots to find their limits (rather than creating

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fireballs and hijinks).


Where is the PowerPot manufactured? Any hiccups in bringing it through production to market? Based on feedback from existing customers, is there anything you wish you could change about the existing design?

The PowerPot is manufactured at our shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. We have a team of seven in our facility, cranking out PowerPots everyday. The free spy phone report only big difficulty we’ve come across whatsapp spy without access to target phone is scaling production and still keeping our costs down. Manufacturing a new class of consumer product in the United States as a startup company can be pretty difficult.


As is the case with many products in the outdoor space, the PowerPot also happens to be a potential life-saver in emergency situations. Is it a challenge to keep product messaging consistent so that you speak to both markets?

We have been very outdoor focused from the beginning but we have always recognized the ability to use the PowerPot in emergency situations. We like dual utility gear, emergency preparation is a lot like preparing to go backpacking but with zombies. We knew that the PowerPot would be a great addition to your emergency preparedness needs and we have been working hard to deliver a bigger PowerPot which will be a 10 watt generator. You’ll hear more about it soon :)


Tell us more about this Friday Shotgun Ritual? From the look of it, seems like the Power Practical team has a great dynamic going. mobile phone spy sms How important is that and what do you think is the secret ingredient to building and maintaining a solid atmosphere?

It’s super important to have a good atmosphere at work. At this point, we’re all here 50+ hours a week and will be for some time to come. The 50-hour grind can have pronounced effects on a person’s sanity. Because of this, we have mandatory breaks for playing

shuffleboard, darts and foosball. These breaks culminate in a special Friday ritual, wherein members of our team shotgun a PBR at maximum velocity and promptly get back to work.


Being an entrepreneur isn’t easy. What keeps you all phone spy up at night?

Right now there are a few things that keep us up. We’re about to ship 10,000 Practical Meters this week and next, that’s keeping our shipping guy up at night. It’s reaserch papers going to cost A TON in postage, so that’s keeping our CEO up at night.


Check out the PowerPot ($129) on Grand St. now!



  • Cameron Postelwait

    cool to see a Utah company shotgunning PBRs at work for a change. cool product too!

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