Amanda Peyton
is a co-founder of Grand St. and infamous blogtress.

Introducing the Grand St. Marketplace

Screenshot 2014-02-19 09.09.34Today we are really excited to announce the Grand St. Marketplace.

Our goal has always been to create a better way for hardware creators to find an audience and get their products to market. For this new version of Grand St. we wanted to create a flexible solution that addressed indie hardware makers at different stages in the development cycle. We are launching a self-serve platform today that offers three ways to discover and distribute new hardware:

1. Pre-Orders: These are products that are not yet radio shack cell phone spy widely available, but will be in 1-6 months. If you are listing a Pre-Order, note that Grand St. takes 0% commission on these sales. This is possible because of the percentage we take on other types of products — our goal is to grow the entire ecosystem. We know that

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as a consumer, pre-orders are risky, so we are doing things a bit differently. We hold onto the funds until the product is shipping, so if the product fails to ship you will be refunded.

2. Beta: With Beta products, you can help contribute to the product development process. Beta products are evolving based on user feedback. When you purchase a Beta product,

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you’ll have access to a special discussion section with the testing group. For makers, the goal is to use Beta as a way to build a better product and to gather momentum, whether the next stop is crowdfunding or straight to retail. Grand St. takes an 8% commission on sales for Beta products.

3. Shop: This is for consumer-ready products that are 100% functional, offer guaranteed customer satisfaction and are currently shipping. It’s the gadget shop of your dreams, but for real. Grand

St. takes an 8% commission on sales for Shop products.

In addition, you’ll notice we completely re-designed the site to make room for these new products, and today we are launching with hundreds of new products…more than we have sold in the past year.

Hope you love it.

Please email with feedback!